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Unbounded Media....(haizzz....abstract....==")

Wednesday, 2nd May 2012

We learned about Unbounded Media today. As I mentioned last week, Unbounded Media is also known as Unguided Media. This means that transmission of data is done without any physical conductor or in other words, wireless. When I learned the introduction of Unbounded Media, the first thing came into my mind was Wi-Fi. I can imagine that the data is all over the air and some devices are used to receive the data so that Internet users can online. However, this was only my own perception and I not sure whether it was correct or not before I learned it in advance.

Basically, there are several examples of Wireless Technology such as Terrestrial Microwave, Satellite Communication, Cellular Telephony, Wi-Fi and Radio Frequency.

Chart 1 below shows the differences between these technologies.

The aspects that I am going to compare are based on these questions : -

A.) What are the equipments used?

B.) How does it work?

C.) How is the distance covered for the transmission of data?

Chart 1

Figure 1.1 : Two pairs of parabolic dish antenna, 60 feet in diameter supported on seven lattice steel girder legs

Figure 1.2 : The transmitters, receivers and power supplies were located in a single storey brick building between the pairs

Figure 1.3 : Horn Antenna

Figure 2 : Geostationary Satellite
Figure 3.1 : Mechanism of Calling from a Phone

Figure 3.2 : Mechanism of Calling from a Land Phone to a Mobile Phone

  So, here is the video clip that shows how Wi-Fi works.

Then, here is the classification of Radio Frequency based on different types of radio waves' propagation.

Table 1 : Different types of Radio Waves Propagation

 That's all, thanks!!

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